Commercial Trailer Repair

Take Care of Your Trailer

Schedule a commercial trailer inspection in Concord, NC

There's a simple way to reduce the risk of trailer troubles: routine inspections. Schedule a commercial trailer inspection by BenservicesNC, LLC today. We'll do a top-to-bottom inspection to find problem areas. If we discover places that need repair, we'll give you an estimate on what the service will cost.

Our team offers mobile commercial trailer repairs throughout Concord, NC, including food trucks. That means you don't need to worry about towing your trailer to the shop after a breakdown. We'll even weld lift gates on-site to get your trailer ready for the road again.

Get the commercial trailer repair or inspection service you need by calling 704-800-5485.

Why you need a trailer inspection

Wondering whether or not you really need a commercial trailer inspection? Routine trailer inspections will:

Reduce the risk of expensive repairs
Thoroughly check for damaged areas
Ensure that you and other drivers stay safe

Reserve an inspection time by contacting our team.